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Oppose HR 2637!

August 27, 2013

If you’re aren’t sure what a For-Profit College is, watch this documentary!

The bill “Supporting Academic Freedom through Regulatory Relief Act” (HR 2637), is scheduled to come to the floor in the House the week of September 9th when Congress returns from recess.

Representatives Foxx (R-NC-5), Kline (R-MN-2) and Hastings (D-FL-20) introduced The Academic Freedom through Regulatory Relief Act (H.R. 2637), which would repeal and prohibit specific regulations that protect students and taxpayer dollars from waste, fraud and abuse by unscrupulous colleges. Specifically, the legislation would:

-Resurrect loopholes that allowed for-profit colleges to pay bonuses for increasing admission numbers at the expense of students.
-Amend the incentive compensation regulation to allow third-party service providers to enter into tuition sharing agreements and allow colleges to use incentive pay to compensate individuals for enrolling higher numbers of students.
-Repeal regulations designed to reign in abuses at schools that waste taxpayer dollars and leave students with unmanageable debt and worthless degrees.

H.R. 2637 would put students and taxpayers at greater risk of harm from high-pressure tactics and fraud by undoing regulations that protect against colleges putting financial interests above student well-being.

For-Profit Colleges prey on poor people and veterans. Almost half of the student default on their loans. Graduation rates are terrible.

Students take out more loans at these colleges.

The schools also lie
about job placement rates.

A whole bunch of organizations are against the bill.

Contact your legislators today to urge them to vote no on this legislation!


Flatiron Hot! News Article

August 23, 2013
The book cover

The book cover

Flatiron Hot News Article

Check out this article featuring my mentee and I talking about our life experiences and book.