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A Word on Independence

December 31, 2012

Oh how sweet!

The internet is the greatest invention ever. Who would’ve thought there would be something that connects people across the globe in the matter of seconds? When I video chatted with a friend overseas back in college, I was in awe how it was possible. When I was doing a radio show in college, I couldn’t believe that the podcast downloads and listens mostly came from overseas. It was more than the amount of people who listened locally on the FM dial. And I didn’t really do that much promotion. When I started doing mixtapes, I was amazed with the numbers I were getting. Just getting 100 listens was awesome to me.

With the internet, pretty much everything is possible. Anyone came put out music via iTunes or Amazon and not need a label behind them. How amazing is that? When I was playing with the idea of putting out a book, I was worried about not having a publisher put it out. That worry stopped me from even writing a book. When I heard Activist Kevin Powell put out his latest book on, I knew it was possible to get my voice out there without being at the mercy of a publisher whom might not even care about what I have to say. The only thing that worried me was putting the money together to self-publish. That worry froze me because I didn’t have it like that.

Then I met the woman of my dreams who told me about self-publishing on Amazon and I told to myself, “wow, I could put out a book for next to nothing real soon.” The internet amazed me again. There was nothing stopping me now. I talked to my mentee about publishing our emails because they were so rich with content. Content people needed to read! It wasn’t right to keep it just to ourselves. I took a month to edit it, hit up a Fivver user (two, really because the first guy messed up and disappeared) to format for Kindle and then linked with an old friend to do the cover for a reasonable price.

My whole idea of the book was just to get it out there. I’m not trying to make money off it. In fact, I’m nowhere near breaking even. I mean the price is set the lowest I could put it on Amazon while still getting a good share. I had the idea of eventually putting the book out on, but then I came across a wonderful machine in the Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. I tell you the internet keeps amazing me! I took some time to get everything right for a final print, including going back to my designer friend to do a back cover.

So now, I’m happy to announce that my book with my mentee Different Families, Still Brothers is now available worldwide in paperback! If you can’t find your location, you can find it here or even have the book shipped to you. Spread the word! Thank you for the support! Remember, you don’t need to be at the mercy of someone to fulfill your dreams. May God reveal Himself to, bless, bring peace to, and install righteousness in you in the New Year.