Reforming Our Election Process

November 5, 2012

Earlier today, I had a great conversation with my girlfriend after she had a conversation with someone about the Presidential election. One thing the person asked her is how she would fix the process. In my conversation with her, I came up with a few ideas on the spot.

-Have early voting for all states for a month long. This would shorten the campaign cycle. Or we could have Election Day and even Primary Day be declared holidays where people get paid time off.
-Allow people to vote online using their Social Security number and address. A lot of government services like unemployment are already online. You can even register online in some states.
-Have ALL who are running take part in debates with questions from people via internet. They already do this with the primary.
-Popular vote should be the way to go. That would make ALL states matter, not just the few that get pandered to today.
-Allow people who have done their time in jail to vote in all states.
-No ID needed to vote. Use Social Security number. Even signatures can be faked.
-No party specific poll watchers.
-Have a combination of electronic and paper ballot like they have here in New York.
-Get rid of Super PACs. Only individuals can donate. Limit max donations to $500 given by an individual. That would go to the candidates and DNC/RNC.
-Make the number of signatures (around 20,000) to get on the ballot the same everywhere.
-Limit the number of ads allowed to air on TV and radio.
-Make appearance time equal on cable for everyone running.
-Allow write ins in every state.

I could go on and on if I wanted to. I’m a problem solver. I hate people who complain and have nothing to offer. I hate only being an ear. I’m the type to say, “we’re going to solve this together.” This is why I don’t have that many close friends, lol.

“If you are ready to criticize a system, be equally ready to offer assistance to improve it.” -Armando Sanchez

“If you’re outraged at conditions, then you can’t possibly be free or happy until you devote all your time to changing them and do nothing but that. But you can’t change anything if you want to hold onto a good job, a good way of life and avoid sacrifice.” -César Chávez

If you are really for what I have presented before you, I encourage you to link up with me!

All campaign season we heard a lot of back and forth such as how Republicans want to keep the poor and middle class down. I believe it is true, but I would even say that Democrats want to crush people’s freedom/voice too. What about third party candidates? Well, I honestly believe most of them run just to get on the speaking circuit, not to change the country. If they did want to change the country, they would be all over the internet since it is their only option. I think the internet would be key to their success. It was for the President in 2008.

I would go one step further with my proposals with saying that we should get rid of parties all together. Let people run on their own ideas!

While we can’t change this now, I encourage you all to vote tomorrow!

I want back and forth on who to vote for. I was going to go with Jill Stein, but since New York City got hit by the hurricane, I worry that not enough people will go out to vote tomorrow.

I intend on voting for President Barack Obama tomorrow on the Working Families Party line tomorrow to send a message to the President. I also intend on voting for Kirsten Gillibrand on the Working Families Party line. I hope my fellow New Yorkers will do the same.

People who know me have seen my support for the President on my Facebook and Twitter. Some might have seen my article on here criticizing him. I’m with the President on everything but his record on Free Speech. I feel that the President can moved on his current position on Free Speech. To me, Mitt Romney isn’t even an option since he has no specific plan and intends on hurting those in need. He has a record of hurting those less fortunate as CEO of Bain Capital and Governor of Massachusetts.

And when I consider my faith, I want a President who is guided by the morals of their faith.

So again, I encourage you to go out and vote for the President tomorrow. Find out your polling place and who’s on the ballot for other races. If you’re in New York City, your polling place might have change because of the hurricane. Do remember to vote in the other elections as well. They are as important as the Presidential election, if not more. Do research on the candidates of those races.

Side bar: I also endorse Governor Tim Kaine for the Senate seat in Virginia. I wish he was running in New York, lol.

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