The Need For A Progressive Movement

November 6, 2010

Never let them see you sweat, sir.

My thoughts on what Obama has done so far has been more positive as of late. I recently found this website which educated me more on that. But, I do think he should have done more while he had the votes in congress. Now, his only option is the Executive Order which I think he should have used anyway for things such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The rest of these two years are gonna be hard for him and common folk if he doesn’t get on the offensive.

When it comes to the Republican takeover, I blame it on the media such as Fox News whom put fear into people about things that benefit them like the health care bill. I also blame the Democrats for not being harder on themselves in getting things done. They were too worried about getting reelected than worrying about the people. You also have members from both parties who are hell bent on getting rid of the President. With this recent election, this just might be a huge issue for the President because the House has the power to impeach. So, the President might have to deal with combating that versus focusing on things which are much more serious such as immigration and unemployment. It is funny to think that this started with a grassroots movement, the Tea Party.

The Tea Party movement is a group that is going in the wrong direction. The idea is a great one which is to take back the government, but at what cost? The Tea Partiers are dangerous and can bring America down and the people with it. The party is about and backed by Wall Street and not the common folk. It is also a movement that is all over the place in terms of there being no central ideas, so therefore, you have people being promoted and elected who are a threat to people’s civil liberties and livelihood.

To be quite frank, I think the President and the Democrats need to grow some balls. They need to work together, get on the same page. I also think there needs to be an anti-Tea Party movement. There needs to be a modern Progressive movement, a real party for the people that’s not backed by the elite. The common and busy folks need to band together now for a better tomorrow.


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