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Money Never Seen Again

June 4, 2010

Your money's flying from your paycheck to the sky.

Today, I saw an interesting and funny documentary about public money being used to built new stadiums. Click here to see it now.

It is amazing to me how much money is given away when there are major budget cuts or even when they are on the horizon. I wonder if these stadiums were the cause behind the budget crisis hitting every city, state and even the federal government. I’m not fond of cuts to needed programs for the less fortunate and education. I’m also not fond of the less fortunate being displaced. The public needs to open their eyes when something like the things that are discussed in the video occurs.

Money is being wasted. That’s money which doesn’t come back. That’s money that causes people to lose jobs because of cuts. Sure, there are gains in employment with new stadiums, but people don’t realize the loses. Watch the video, learn something and do something (write a letter to your elected officials, protest, etc.).