Living Double Lives

January 25, 2010

"...individual leaders make a difference in a society."

I finished this book a couple of weeks ago. If you visited the site once in a while, you would’ve read the story of my finding this book. Now, I’m here to give a few of the interesting points from the book. I will do this in bullet point form with some comments. With this one, I’m mostly highlighting things that a lot of people don’t know. I really encourage all of you to check this book out. Enjoy.

  • When he was in the armed forces, President Kennedy wrote the following to a young woman: “the generals who sent young men to war should always be listened to with skepticism” (1). I sure wish he followed his own advice to a greater degree.
  • President Roosevelt wasn’t faithful to his wife. They were basically separated. They rarely talked to each other. To support herself emotionally, Mrs. Roosevelt had questionable relationships with various women.
  • Mrs. Roosevelt was the one fostering great social change. She stood for the poor and disenfranchised (35). She even took a stand against lynching while the President didn’t (43).
  • When Roosevelt was President, the unemployment rate was more than 25%, but he gave the impression that everything was going to be fine (35-36). Reminds you of anyone?
  • President Roosevelt convinced America that it was good to help your friends, and it was a must in order to avoid war (45). Reminds you of anyone?
  • Dr. King was unfaithful to his wife (79-81).
  • He questioned himself a lot. He almost dropped out of the movement when racist people bombed his home. God kept him going (67-68).
  • When he was younger, he hated White people because of the things he seen going on around him (65).
  • He didn’t have faith in capitalism. He believed that America should adopt some modified form of socialism in order to achieve real equality (84-85). This is what President Obama is doing. I support that. Capitalism makes sure that the people at the bottom stay there. It is very sicken.
  • President Kennedy created a sense that anything was possible if people allowed things to happen (97). Think of the 2008 Presidential election.
  • He never give his thoughts on Senator McCarthy’s chase for red ghosts (116).
  • He got the wheels in motion for what would be the Great Society proposal (136-137).
  • Robert Kennedy always supported Senator McCarthy. He even worked on his staff (144-145).
  • He would have sleepless nights because he thought about Black people’s rights a lot (149).
  • He used to be unwilling to see Black people eye to eye (154).
  • He questioned God as to how people can be allowed to suffer (158).
  • President Johnson and Robert never got along with each other (165).
  • President Johnson used the N-Word from time to time (178). He also said racist things (193-194).
  • While he was  a Senator, he defended the filibuster when it was being used to denied Black people their rights (186).
  • He was unfaithful to his wife (223).
  • When a reporter asked him why he was in Vietnam, he took out his penis and said “this is why” (224).
  • President Nixon linked social justice issues with communism (246), but he did support civil rights (256-257).
  • He pledged an open administration and wanted to unite America (259). Again, reminds you of anyone?
  • He felt that he didn’t have the time to do anything (269).
  • President Reagan was just a puppet. It was the people in his administration who did everything for him.
  • President Clinton couldn’t make a great impact in education and health care because he was afraid to speak up to Hillary.

From this book, I learned how no one is perfect. Everyone has their demons that they must battle everyday. It is impossible to live a double life. Once you become a public figure, your whole life becomes an open book.


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